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Everyone should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you How to Think.

 Steve Jobs : Co-founder, CEO and Chairman of Apple Computer

Join the National Mission of Coding

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Up to 20 million manufacturing jobs around the world could be replaced by robots by 2030

Coding is the skill used to make these robots.

Is your kid ready for the Change ?

StepUp Career Institute - A venture by a group of IITians , owned & operated by Stepupify Labs aims to bridge the gap between industry & academia by integrating school education, entrance exam preparation, engineering education & skillset required in industry.

It is aiming to be the defacto 21st century competency/skill development platform for the youth.


Prabhat Khabar 15/07/2020, Page 6
Prabhat Khabar 15/07/2020, Page 6
  • Seven Students from StepUp Career Institute scored above 90% in Class 12 CBSE Board Exam, 2020.
  • Topper –  Kumar Ujjwal : 95.2 % , Maths : 99, Physics: 95, Computer: 97 .  StepUp Family wishes them a bright Future !
Aryan Anand

Aryan Anand , a student of StepUp Career Institute obtained 95.2 % in ICSE Class 10 Board Exam, 2020.  Physics : 99 ; Computer : 100. 

StepUp Family wishes him a bright future !

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Students' Speak:

Prakriti Maurya - 2 year Class Room @StepUp for IIT-JEE

StepUp Institute is good in both faculty & facilities.The teachers focus on strengthening ones' basics and concept development.Their guidance has helped me increase my basic understanding and solve tricky problems in Maths & Physics. Further, they show animations for better clarity in Physics. I am happy to get this opportunity of being guided by such good mentors under one roof in my hometown.

Manas Kumar - 2 Year Class Room @StepUp for IIT-JEE

Faculty are highly qualified, very supportive and experienced.They provide wonderful facilities. Faculties focus on developing concepts, knowledge & self confidence.They provide excellent platform for preparation of competitive exam & board level exam.I study with graceful face at StepUp Career Institute.

Aryan Anand

I made Obstacle Avoider Robot at StepUp Career Institute. I learnt Programming, working of sensors, motors, microcontroller, and the way they function together by doing. Learning by doing helps us in understanding things more easily.I am happy to be guided by such experienced mentors in my hometown Kahalgaon.

Amar Kumar

StepUp Career Institute is the best in both facility & faculty. I read here for one month during summer camp.In the meantime, I found that Sir pay more attention to the basic conceptual understanding of the students.Not only I hope but have full faith this Institute will give a new place and future to the youth.

Soniya Dayal - DAV, NTPC Kahalgaon

This institute provides better environment and technique to learn.I am very thankful to Ajit Sir who taught me in very short time to score maximum marks. I am very lucky I got this opportunity.

Ayush Vaibhav - Class-9 | Foundation Course @StepUp

Perfect & excellent way of teaching. Both the teachers (Ajit Sir and Prashant Sir) teach very well in both Online and Offline mode.
Trainer's knowledge is excellent and very much descriptive and friendly while explaining any concept.
Thank you Sir.


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